Business Contracts

DEQ is recognised for its expertise in the drafting, negotiating and analysis of complex business agreements, both local and international. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge in the areas of commercial distribution, agency and franchising agreements, service contracts, and turnkey deals. The firm also has experience in the legal management of its clients’ projects, from negotiating memoranda of understanding to drafting the most complex of agreements in a range of sectors. These include for the construction of industrial factories and storage facilities; professional service agreements; supply, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) arrangements; and build, own, operate, and transfer (BOOT) deals. Among others, we note the following matters

R&D, manufacture and distribution agreement governed by English law
Negotiating an agreement governed by English law, between a British/New Zealand group and a large NASDAQ–listed pharmaceutical company for the development of active ingredients, and the subsequent manufacture and distribution of medical drugs in the United States and Europe.
Large-scale construction equipment plant
Negotiating multiple EPC agreements for the establishment of construction equipment facilities and drafting all contracts relating to the project including finance, supply, services, foundations and soil transportation agreements.

Joint venture for food processing plant
Negotiating a BOOT agreement and structuring investments in a processing project in the poultry sector, involving investors from five different countries (the United States, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil) and a Brazilian cooperative.