About DEQ

DEQ is a boutique law firm focused on international transactions and dispute resolution, especially those with a Brazilian connection. We work on complex matters and provide high standard, creative, client-tailored solutions to our clients. In addition to its São Paulo practice, DEQ has its own practice in Australia (and, in specific cases, it works in collaboration with RBG Lawyers) and is able to provide seamless and customised services to both very large and mid-sized companies looking to expand their operations around the world. We act for clients from a wide gamut of jurisdictions including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Our partner Fabiano Deffenti is the only lawyer in the world who is admitted to practise in Brazil (as an advogado), Australia (as a solicitor), New Zealand (as a barrister and solicitor) and in New York (as an attorney-at-law). He also edits LawsofBrazil, which is our firm’s blog.

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